The Accelerator for Business Challenges & Social Science

Consumers, governments and pressure groups are demanding that products, services, and the private sector drive innovation, and increase productivity. Changing landscapes, demand and resource, however, require a transformation in how we do business. Social science research is uniquely positioned to help provide expertise to transform business in a sustainable, entrepreneurial way.

Aspect (a social sciences platform for entrepreneurship, commercialisation, and transformation) is a network led by an alliance of seven UK universities that aims to transform the contribution that social sciences research and entrepreneurship makes for the betterment of society through collaboration with innovators and business leaders. Funded by Aspect, ABaCuSS aims to be a convenor of good practice, inspiring innovation, societal impact and career opportunities for PhD students.

Join us as we consider new approaches to working in partnership and providing new avenues for businesses to engage with social scientists. Together, we can drive real-world use of innovative, world-leading social science research, widen networks for future collaborations and provide a platform to develop relationships to drive success in business.

If you are a business and would like to suggest a challenge, please get in touch!

Meet the Team!

Professor Jude Robinson is a social anthropologist researching in the field of critical public health and is a Professor of Health and Wellbeing and the Deputy Head of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow. As a member of the School of Social and Political Sciences and the Institute of Health and Wellbeing, her research centres on developing understandings of how people can develop and sustain their health and wellbeing outside conventional health care settings, with a particular interest in the health of women and their children living on low income.  Jude is the project lead for the ABaCuSS project, and would be delighted to discuss business challenges and ways that social science can support business.

Paige McCaleb is project co-ordinator for the ABaCuSS project. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your business challenges.

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